Always Pray According to God’s Will

I am a strong-minded woman, but at the same time, I have a humble spirit…

I always pray according to God’s will.

By praying according to God’s will, you are acknowledging that only God knows – and that although you desire a given thing, you don’t want it unless it is in your ultimate best interest, all things considered, because it is the all-knowing God who has insight into your particular nature.

Quite frequently we will say or hear others say, God, please give me that job, please give me that mate, please give me that car, please give me that house, or what have you.  How often do we consider whether the thing or person is in God’s will for us.  Yet, we ask for it; nothing is wrong with asking for it but we should ask for it under a certain condition — and that is, if it is God’s will. Rest assured that God will answer accordingly. Then we have to be at peace about it.

Here’s a guide:

God, you know I need _________________.

I pray you lead me to _________________, unless you have a special purpose otherwise – and if you do, let your will be done – but please, give me peace about it and help me to _________________.

I use this prayer in all aspects of my life.  Be encouraged. Be blessed.


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